About Us

Who are we?

OroboPay is engaged in consumer aggregation and financial intermediation cutting across the broad spectrum of digital financial services including cross-border bill payments, international and domestic funds remittances, electronic bill presentment and payment services including payment gateway service (acquiring and processing), mobile wallets, and other financial products.

OroboPay offers cross-border digital financial services (DFS) that make it easy for Africans to conduct financial transactions (transfer money, pay bills, buy insurance and securities, barter currencies etc.) across their boundaries and beyond. Similarly, we make it easy for the African diaspora and other customers to transact with Africa.  We support various payment channels including mobile money and all major international card networks – Visa, MasterCard, Visa Virtual Card, etc.

OroboPay allows you to do more than just send money. We provide a single financial services window to unleash the power in your hands

In summary, our two service tiers are:


We facilitate cross-border transactions (money transfers & directed bill payments) and provide bundled “Digital Financial Services” (beyond money transfers) for Africans living in the continent.


We facilitate cross-border transactions (money transfers & directed bill payments) and provide bundled “Digital Financial Services” (beyond money transfers) for Africa’s global emigrant community (the diaspora) and other customers transacting with Africa.

A Case Example: A Kenyan immigrant working as a cleaner in Rome can purchase a Visa or Mastercard voucher card from her local shop and fund her OroboPay Wallet. Once funded, she can pay her nephew’s school fees directly to a school in Nairobi, Kenya by simply performing a Wallet-to-Wallet transfer. Similarly, she can schedule her father’s monthly health insurance premium payments and order drugs for pickup at his local pharmacy – as if she has never left Kenya. OroboPay handles the currency translation and effects the desired transaction through its APIs seamlessly.

Our technology features a bank-grade security architecture at the very center of the platform with access control administered via a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism managed by authorized security administrators. Services are personalized and users require authorization codes and unique login ids for access. The platform also has full audit capability and every activity is monitored and recorded. OroboPay meets all the international security standards and is PCI DSS certified.

We aspire to be the dominant pan-African solution for affordable cross border remittances and bill payment by serving a much larger informal segment of the population in fulfilment of our mission to accelerate the continent’s digital revolution and transform lives and experience of the world.

Company Facts

Our Team/Expertise

OroboPay is led by a team of seasoned and committed international executives and successful members of the African diaspora with significant management, technical and entrepreneurial experience in building and, or investing in successful companies engaged in enterprise applications, payment systems, mobile technologies and international sales and marketing in both the developed and emerging markets. As members of the African diaspora who have experienced first-hand the current pain points in sending remittances back home our management team are also their own target customers. Their execution agility benefits a great deal from the significant depth and invaluable experience of our ex-Silicon Valley founder, and the commercial networks of our Advisory team.