Frequently Asked Questions

1. Before Registration

In what countries is the App available?

OroboPay is available in Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa), United States of America, Europe, and Asia.

What must I do before I can register?

Visit your play store/App store to download the OroboPay App. On the web front a merchant can register at as well.

2. At The Time of Registration

How do I register?

Open the App and follow the registration process. Verify your number or email and you good to go.

Do I pay to register?

No! Registration is free

Do I have to type all my products in the app?

You can either list your preferred products in the App or type the products (free text) when creating an invoice.

Where will my money be saved?

The choice is yours, either in your mobile money wallet or your bank account.

3. After Registration

How do I bill customers?

On the App’s dashboard, tap on the menu bar, select “create invoice” and bill your customers.

Do I get to see all invoices created?

Yes! On the menu bar, the icon named ‘invoices’ provides all the history of all invoices created, the ones paid, pending and overdue invoices.

Can I customize my invoice?

Yes! Under ‘view account’ you can upload your company logo to customize your invoices.

How do I compile the list of my customers?

There is detail information about customers under the ‘Customers’ section on the OroboPay.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click on ‘forgotten my password’ and a link will be sent to your e-mail address. Click on the link to provide new password

Can I update my profile?

Yes! A registered profile can be updated anytime. Tap on ‘view account’ on the menu list and edit your profile.

4. Transactions

What are cross-border payments and money transfers?

Cross-border payments are also known as “remittances”. It is the transfer of money from one country to another. These payments usually occur between family members and relatives living in different countries. This can include paying utility bills, hospitals bills, school/college fees or sending money for living expenses such as food and clothing. It can also include sending money to an account you have in another country.

How much does it cost?

You can send money and pay bills at the low, fixed fee of $4.99 per transaction. You can visit our homepage and enter the amount you would like to send and see what the receiver will receive

How do my customers pay for goods with the electronic invoice?

Each time an invoice is sent to them, it has a pay link attached. Customer clicks on the pay link and provides information requested.

What payment options are accepted on the App?

Mobile money or bank account transfer (Debit cards such as Visa Card or Master Card)

When can I pay?

You can pay at any time. As soon as your payment is reflected, your merchant account will be credited appropriately.

Why do you need my full name, email address and phone number?

Before you can use OroboPay to make payments, we need to confirm your identity. We protect this information with bank-level security and will never sell your personal information.

Does the pay link expire?

The pay link expires only after the customer pays.

Do I pay a fee to receive my money from my customers?

No! The OroboPay is free. You receive the exact amount on the invoice sent to you by your customer

Can an invoice be corrected?

Yes! The merchant can correct an invoice. You do not have to start the whole process over again, just edit what you have and resend to your customer.

How will I know my money is in my account?

Each time a transaction is successful, you receive an SMS/Email notification. Your customer on the other hand is notified if the transaction is successful or otherwise.

How long does it take for me to receive my money after a transaction?

Once you submit a payment, OroboPay verifies your payment authorization with your bank and then securely submits it to the customer. Most payments are reflected instantly in your account and we will keep you updated on the status of all pending payments.

Why did my payment fail?

Most payment failures are caused by one of the following reasons:Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) this is like a “bounced check.” This happens when you try to pay more than is available in your Mobile Money/bank account.

Please note; while OroboPay does not charge you for NSF, your bank may. Kindly refer to your Mobile Money/bank for details.

Your Mobile Money/bank did not authorize this specific payment. This may happen the first time you use the service. Once you authorize your bank, you should be able to transact.

To protect you from accidental double-payments, OroboPay may reject identical payments (same amount to the same customer) made immediately after each other.

How can I cancel a payment?

Payments are processed instantly and are final. Please refer to our refund policy if warranted.

5. Security

How secured is my information from scammers?

Sending and receiving money through OroboPay is extremely safe. We are PCI DSS complaint and use SSL encrypted technology across all our platforms to ensure your financial and personal details are private and secure. OroboPay uses Amazon Web Service (AWS), the leading cloud computing providers, which adds an additional layer of data security.

Won’t my daily transactions be exposed to other subscribers?

No! During registration, terms and conditions are accepted by customers, which serves as a bind on both parties- to the merchant, it serves as a guarantee and assurance that you are safe, to the company, it binds us to protect the customer.

How safe and secure are the passwords I store in OroboPay?

All credential information is highly encrypted and remains in a closed system which means no one, including our own employees can decrypt the password. OroboPay could save a password or delete it, but we can never read one.

6. Contact

How do I submit a complaint or contact customer support?

If you encounter any issues kindly email us on or call our customer service agents on +233 208 894 04 or +233 552 189 807 (Same for Nigeria and Kenya).

We are here to assist you anytime.

How do I join the company?

Visit our website and click on OroboPay job opportunities.

How can I become an Agent or Partner?

Are you an influencer who wishes to make more money as an agent/partner for OroboPay? Refer to our contact info and give us a call or email.